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Lets Talk and Meet

One of the great concerns I have is that we make many decisions without hearing from residents or knowing what you feel.

Some think that once you elect someone, they don't have a duty or responsibility to be responsive to constituents. I don't feel that way. I feel an obligation to listen to your concerns.

One Council Meeting provided a good example of my concern: 

1. A large group of residents came to speak on a concern with a citation given over a violation of a code. Many were there and spoke about it. We as a council cannot interfere with administrative actions so there was not much we could do.

2. On the agenda was a $4M bond to be used to purchase the Clearfield Mobile Home Park. There were no citizen comments on that critical topic.

I want and need to hear from you. During the campaign I want to know what your concerns are and see if I can't be the best person to address them.

Ways To Contact Me

Council members receive compensation for the use of a cell phone and data plan. So, you should feel comfortable with calling or texting me on my phone, since your taxes help pay for it:


I receive a lot of junk phone calls (I expect you can relate) so I may not answer your call. I also am fully employed and often cannot talk about non-work items during the work day. Please be patient and understanding with me and leave a message if I don't answer.

I welcome the opportunity to converse with you via email: - For City business for campaign topics.

I want to be accessible and responsive.