Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you running for re-election?

Recently, I was not sure if I had contributed all that I needed to for the City. But several people mentioned to me that the City is on a precipice of great change. And those changes need someone who has been involved in the preliminary discussions. 

Also, I feel that I contribute to the Council by independently and carefully reviewing actions and taking positions that may be in opposition to the prevailing thought but are based upon sound principles. There are many major topics where I am not in agreement with the majority and I want to ensure that the alternate thoughts and opinions are reflected.

Why should I vote for you over your opponents?

First, I hope every voter will review each candidate independently and make an informed choice. Many decisions that a council member makes cannot be predicted or planned for, so voters need to select people who they can trust to make the correct decisions. I cannot and will not speak for or against my opponents but encourage each voter to contact them directly for their thoughts and positions.

Second, I bring an independent voice to the Council. I have a set of values and decision criteria that I try to consistently apply to every question and topic. This means that I am not swayed by peer pressure, public perception, or other decision methods. I often disagree in a positive and hopefully helpful way. Any group or body profits by having a voice that asks questions and brings up alternatives. I’m that person.

Third, I have the experience. Significant issues will be decided in the coming months and years (some perhaps before the election) that will irrevocably change Clearfield for decades. It would be difficult for someone without the background to come to a sufficient understanding of the complexity of these topics in a short period of time. This is one of the primary reasons I felt that I should run again.

What motivates you?

I have a strong desire to serve and make a difference. If I don’t like something, I either seek to change it or don’t complain about how it is. I want to feel that I’ve added something to my community and not just taken from it I’m not interested in becoming well-known and don’t feel that I should financially benefit from this position, so service is my only motivation.

What scares you?

I worry that decisions the Council makes regarding land use will create traffic, infrastructure and safety nightmares that future residents will have to deal with. Schools, businesses and other community assets will be negatively impacted. I’ve been assured by many that my fear is not valid but I’m not yet convinced.

Why don't we need new people and new ideas?

Clearfield is at the edge of a series of great opportunities. I've participated in the background and discussion regarding the activities and events that are being decided shortly.

Someone new will not have the experience and background necessary to ensure that the correct direction is taken and the right decisions are made.

Even with some experience with planning and zoning, the experience in infrastructure, impacts to community, fiscal and legal ramifications and other domains associated with the City cannot be fully understood without experiencing them.

Now is not the time to make changes and bring in people without experience. If I felt differently, then I would not be running.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

 Change zoning of the State Street corridor to encourage office and commercial development and actively pursue companies and entities with those interests. We need to capitalize on having Hill Air Force Base and its workforce as our immediate neighbor. We don't do that by only offering high density rental housing.