My Vision


A Great Place

I've been told it is old fashioned to say so, but I believe that Clearfiled is, and should be a great place to live, work and play. 

There's always U in CommUnity. I want to make that happen.

A Great Place to Live

Clearfield should be a plaace where individuals and families enjoy living. Neighborhoods are safe and secure and opportunities for families are prevalent.

I don't want Clearfield to be a place where someone lives until....

  • Until I save enough for a down payment
  • Until I can find something closer to my work
  • Until I can afford what I really want
  • Until my family gets larger


I also want Clearfield to be a place where business and employers like to locate because the City is supportive and helpful and the community is the same.

A Great Place to Work

Having offices and manufacturing facilities at Freeport Center are an important part of our community. Good places to work, including offices that support Hill Air Force Base is an area that we have not adequately pursued and can improve on.

We must continue to support Freeport Center and their marvelous tenants. They are an essential part of Clearfield.

A Great Place to Play

The City can and should support wonderful recreation. This includes parks,  sports, and arts.

We have wonderful parks. They need to be maintained and improved upon to fit the needs of a modern family. This includes maintaining the existing trails.

Our sports programs need to promote teamwork, fair and healthy competition and building self confidence while providing important physical activity. Any sports activity that does not meet these goals should be modified so that it does.

The arts program with the City band, and the performance of plays and such are an essential part of our community and should be maintained and supported. 

We need to continue to make Clearfield Aquatic Center a great place for families and friends to meet.

We have wonderful activities, such as the 4th of July and the Easter Egg Hunt that need to be continued and supported.