Parks and Recreation


My Position

 I’m a strong supporter of parks and recreation, including sports, arts events and cultural celebrations and feel that these activities significantly contribute to Clearfield as a community. I’m pleased that the Council has similar feelings and that we have been able to support these things that make Clearfield a great place to live.

I have been a member of the Parks and Rec Commission before my recent election and was the Chair of that Commission for two years. I believe that this group is under appreciated and have worked for them to gain respect among the other elected officials. I believe that my time on this commission is at least as valuable as other’s times on other City commissions.

The PARAT tax has been a great benefit to the City and its parks. I’ve helped guide the expenditure of those taxes (derived from sales taxes) towards new, large, and permanent acquisitions. I’ve been successful in helping change the minds of some towards how those funds should be used.

We need a strong advocate for parks and recreation on the Council and no one has a more thorough history with this topic than me.


The City offers a great many activities. I’ve tried to be a part of them and participate when I can. At the least, I help ensure that adequate funding is in place. Included in this are things like

  • Take Pride in Clearfield Day. I’ve participated in this event virtually every year and several years ago led it.
  • 4th of July. I’ve strongly supported this major activity for the City at the same time being concerned about extravagant and unnecessary expenses. I resisted changes in City code that would have allowed alcohol to be served at this event, which I felt degraded it as a family event. Note that I am not against responsible consumption of alcohol but am against its propagation at what is a family event and not an adult focused activity.
  • Plays and Concerts. Although demands on my time have prevented me from attending events like plays and concerts by the City Band, I highly respect and support those who sacrifice their time and talents to help Clearfield come together as a community. I hope that they understand how much I support them.
  • Other activities. The City sponsors great activities that are a benefit to families and are too numerous to mention. I appreciate the dedication and service of staff who put these things on and hope to be able to increase their visibility and participation.

Please help me support these community events. I know them and know the people involved and can help make sure that they are adequately supported.


We have great recreation programs that need to be supported.

There have been some concerns with the recreation programs of the City. The City Council has been united in directing city staff to ensure that sports teams and leaders focus upon the enjoyment of the game in a fair and safe way.

We need someone who has the knowledge and experience to make sure that sports continue and impact the youth and adults who participate in a positive way.



I’ve helped direct the expenses of PARAT taxes towards the following, which are a huge benefit to the City as a community:

  • Installation of 8 new pieces of playground equipment
  • New water feature at the pool
  • New pickle ball and tennis courts at Steed Park

I’ve worked to ensure that our prioritized list for PARAT tax expenses focuses on those items that benefit the greatest number of members of the community and avoid maintenance type of expenses that should be paid for by general funds.

Please support me so that I can continue supporting PARAT tax expenses that provide the highest value to the City.